Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The simple things

Today was a good day. Simple and sweet, just the way I like it. If ever I am in need of some cheering up, I would resort to everything that made me happy today:
#1 a clean room
always a great way to start out the morning
#2 a beautiful day
snapped this picture on my way home

#3 satisfying my daily dose of piano playing
fact: piano is my therapy of life
#4 read much?
 indulging myself into a good book...works like a charm
#5 dinning out
food, yummy food...need I say more??
#6 sister time
Today I got to play with my little sisters
okay... so yes little sisters can be VERY obnoxious, loud, difficult...they can also be incredibly cute:)
my little sisters never fail at putting a smile on my face.
though we may fight, they ALWAYS forgive me.
if ever I am bored, I have someone to tease, equalling a guaranteed source of entertainment.
Macy Moo (the one being attacked by a dog) is my number one cuddle bug for sunday movie nights
I love my little sisters

....oh and one last thing...

#7 Free People
dear parents,  if you REALLY wanna cheer me up sometime soon, wanna buy me this dress I found today?
thanks that would be great....(i recently have picked up a new craze for Free People...why do I have to like cloths so much?)