Thursday, September 8, 2011

Oh the quirks in life...

So Noah and the Whale pretty much sums up my Summer in a nutshell. This song makes me happy. Everything about this band is quirky from there lyrics to their attire. That in general makes me happy. I am easy to please and this pleases me. Enough said.

Sadly enough YouTube decided to be all high and mighty and make strict copy rights on their videos. BUT if you find happiness in this song such as I do, YouTube 5 Years Time by Noah and the Whale and watch their official music video. 

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


So I pretty much have been the biggest slacker when it comes to keeping updated on my posts. It is amazing how Summer can come along and all organization, responsibilities, etc. slip right out the door. The next thing I know is that four lazy relaxing months have gone by, Fall returns, and here I am left in a total state of rehabilitation forcing myself back into reality of school and work...yuck! Okay, okay so ya ya school sucks, works a drag, but life goes on! Now that I have complained about the negatives lets move on to the positives:) Autumn time is here and happens to be my absolute most FAVORITE season (sorry Winter, Spring, and Summer Autumn is kicking your trash when it comes to popularity votes in my book)


* Nostalgic feelings return and excitement runs through my veins as a brand new start to school  begins (forget the school work) you know what im talking about. It has been the same since elementary, wake up, get ready with your wardrobe already planned out for the next two weeks, go to class the first day, evaluate the professors you will sadly be stuck with for the rest of the semester, scope the room checking out the hot new guy sitting a few rows down from you, football season starts, your social network seems to run crazy wild, each night falling asleep with a grin on your face for having once again another great day.

* Walking hand in hand with your new found crush, wearing your favorite worn in pair of leather boots and slouched sweater, taking in the slight chill of fresh Autumn air into your lungs hoping the moment can last just a while longer.

*Racking up gigantic piles of leaves with my little sisters, in pursuit of only making a mess again the moment I have finished making a beautifully arranged pile of yellow orange and red, as cute Sophie and Macy jump from my favorite front yard tree into the stack of leaves below, just as my older siblings and I had once done with my grandpa. What other adventures happen with my little sisters? Halloween!! My cousins and I were hardcore trick-or-treaters growing up, there was no returning home until our bags were fully stuffed to our satisfaction. 
* Coming home from a busy day of school and smelling my favorite pumpkin spice candles filling every room in the house making me think of our family visits to the pumpkin patches, walk into the living room to find my mom reading a good book by the fire, leave the room for a moment only to return to join my mom with a book in my hands ready to read beside her 
*When the excitement has worn off, a month of school has gone bye and everyone is settled in there new found schedules, my sister Ali and I turn to one another and slowly become inseparable homebodies together taking in every last second of enjoying the last bits of Fall. Taking our last Sunday walks along the boulevard and long car rides singing along to our random playlists of music, making sure EVERY tradition of the season is celebrated in our house NO EXCEPTIONS, ending our days with yummy hot chocolate from the Corner 22 gas station down the road.
The truth is, life simply goes by way too fast and there is no easy way of slowing it down, so what do you do?? Easy, soak it up taking every last bit of crazyness life hands to you:)